Third Sector Awareness Ribbons
This is a list of awareness causes that use other AWARENESS RIBBON COLORS. Please note that
several  of the causes may use an alternate color of ribbon, so the cause may appear in multiple listings.
Complementary new
service from:
               Autism Puzzle     * Asperger Syndrome  * Autism

              Black  * Accident  *Against Torture    *Anti-terrorism   *B.R.A.V.E. (Black Ribbon against violence)    *Gang
             Prevention *Gun Control    *Melanoma (alternate orange)    *Mourning    *Narcolepsy   *POW/MIA (alternate
              yellow)   *Primary Biliary Cirrhosis   *Sleep Apnea   *Sleep Disorders    *Students for Gun Control
               *Trauma  *Suicide (alternate yellow)

               Black and Blue    *Loss of a Brother   *Mourning a Brother   *Loss of a Male Child

               Black and Dark Blue   *Loss of an Older Son

               Black and Gold   *Platelet  Donors

               Black and Light Blue  * Loss of a Son

               Black and Pink   * Bone Marrow Donor   *Loss of a Female Child  *Mourning a Daughter   *Loss of a Sister  
               *Mourning a Sister

               Black and Red  *Murder of Children    *Murder Victims  * Loss of a Firefighter on Duty

               Black and White  *Anti-corruption   *Anti-racism  *Carcinoid Cancer   *Diversity  *Transitions   *Vaccine Awareness

               Black and White Pinstripe  * ALS  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

               Black, White and Black    *Vaccine Awareness    *Vaccine danger

               Black, White and Pink    *Parental Alienation Syndrome

               Blue and Green  *Intracranial Hypertension     *Children’s Neurobiological Solutions (CNS)

               Blue and Purple  *Childhood or pediatric Stroke  Awareness

               Blue and Silver   *Coping with Cancer

                Blue and White  *Teen Cancer   *In Memory of Columbine

                 Blue and Yellow   *Designated Driver (The Hero Campaign)  *Fatty oxidation disorders   *Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  
                 *Down Syndrome   ATL

                  Blue, Pink and Purple  *Thyroid Cancer

                  Burgundy   * Adhesions    *Adults with Disabilities   *Amyloidosis    *Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS)   
                  *AV Malformation   *Brain Aneurism   *Children Misdiagnosed with rare Diseases    *Cystic Hygroma   *Disabled
                   Adults  *Factor V Liden (FVL)   *Headaches Awareness   *Hemangioma    *Hereditary Hemochromatosis   
                  *Hirschsprung’s Disease (Congenital Mega Colon)   *Hospice Care   *Hughes Syndrome   *Lymphatic Malformation   
                   *Meningitis    *Meningococcal Meningitis  *Multiple Myeloma   *PHASCES   *Post-Polio Syndrome   *Sepsis             
                   *Sickle Cell Anemia   *Sturge-Webber Syndrome   *Thrombophilia  *William’s Syndrome  *Vascular Malformation

                   Burgundy and Ivory  *Oral Head and Neck cancer

                   Clear   *Lung cancer   *Lung Disease .

                   Cloud   *Congenital Diaphragmatic  Hernia

                   Copper   *Menkes Disease

                   Cranberry   *Fibromyalgia  (alt. purple)  *TMJ

                    Cream(or Pearl)   *Emphysema  *Lung Cancer   *Lung disease   *Mesothelioma   *Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  
                    *Paralysis  *Spinal Cord Injury   *Spinal Disorders   *Spinal Muscular Atrophy  *Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

                     Cream and White (or Pearl and White)  *Lung Cancer Non-smokers

                     Emerald Green   *Homeopathy Awareness

                      Flag  *Victims and Heroes of 9-11  *Firework Safety   *Patriotism and Support

                      Fuchsia  *Feminism  *Pro-life

                      Gold    *Breastfeeding   *Childhood Cancer     *Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)
                       *Neuroblastoma    *Spina Bifida    

                       Gold and Silver  *Hearing disorders (  *Hearing impairments (alt. blue)   *Meniere’s Disease  *Tinnitus

                       Gray   *Allergies    *Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency    *Aphasia   *Asthma   *Brain Cancer    *Brain Tumor
                        *Diabetes    *Disabled Children    *Glioblastoma   *Mental Illness  (alternate green)   *Hyperglycemia  
                        *Hypoglycernia     *Juvenile Diabetes    *Lung Cancer    *Multiple Sclerosis (MS)    *Parkinson’s Disease

                        Gray with Red Heart   Juvenile Diabetes

                        Green and Orange  *Dual diagnosis   *Ritual abuse

                         Hot Pink   *Cleft Palate   *Inflammatory Breast Cancer   *National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery         
                         Month  *Birth Parents    *Breast Cancer   *Nursing Mothers

                          Ivory, Burgundy and Ivory  *Oral Head and Neck Cancers   *Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma   *Throat           
                          Cancer  *Laryngeal Cancer    *Pharyngeal Cancer

                          Jade   *Hepatitis B    *Liver Cancer  (alt.   )

                          Lace  *Osteoporosis

                          Lavender   *All Cancers (General Cancer Awareness)  *Caregiver Appreciation   *Childhood Cancer         
                          *Epilepsy(alt. purple)    *Foster Care  *Foster Parents   *Gynecological Cancer   *Hypokalemic Periodic         
                            Paralysis   *Hysterectomy   *Hodgkin’s Lymphoma   *Infantile Spasms  *Rett Syndrome

                           Lavender and White   *Awareness for missing and unidentified persons

                           Light Blue  *Addison’s Disease  *Behcet’s  Disease   *Childhood Cancer  *Chronic Illness    *Cushing Syndrome
                           *Digeorge Sequence   *Edward’s Syndrome    *Graves’ Disease    *Graves-Basedow Disease   *Hunger  *Hyperaldosteronism      
                           *Klineferter’s Syndrome    *Liver Disease   *Lymphedema   *Men’s Health    *Pro-Choice    *Prostate Cancer  *Scleroderma   A
                             Awareness  *Shprintzen Syndrome   *Spay or Neuter Pets   *Thyroid Disease    *Trisomy 18 Awareness   *Velo-cardio Facial  

                            Light Blue and Teal    *Polycystic Kidney Disease

                            Light Green    *Celiac Disease   *Chronic Pelvic Pain   *Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)   *Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

                            Light Pink, White and Light Blue   *Group B Strep (newborns)

                              Lime  Green  *Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy   *Ivemark Syndrome     *Lyme Disease *Lymphomas (   *Mental Health    
                            *Muscular Dystrophy MS  *Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  *Sanhoff Disease    *Support for Adoptees Rights to Open Adoption Records

                              Lime Green and Aqua  *Adult Stem Cell Donor

                            Mint Green    * Abuse Awareness *Autosomal Recessive PKD  *Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis   *Genetic Disorders
                           * Ivemark Syndrome  *Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

                              Navy Blue   *(ARDS) Acute Respiratory distress Syndrome   *Myosotis   *Polio

                              Navy Blue and Black      *Loss of an Older Son

                               Olive Green   *Childrens Neurobiological Solutions  (CNS)

                                Orange and Black    * Self Injury

                                 Orange and Blue  * Pediatric Bipolar Awareness

                               Orange and Green    *Dual Diagnosis       * Ritual Abuse   * Asperger(Spain)

                                 Orange and Red  *Myeloproliferative Disorders

                                 Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow   *STD Awareness

                                 Peach    *Alpha- 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency   *Endometrial Cancer   *Uterine Cancer

                                 Pearl (or Cream)  *Emphysema  *Lung Cancer   *Lung disease   *Mesothelioma   *Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  *Paralysis            
                               *Spinal Cord Injury   *Spinal Disorders   *Spinal Muscular Atrophy  *Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

                                 Pearl and White (Cream and White)  *Lung Cancer Non-smokers

                                Periwinkle   *Acid Reflux Disease    *Anorexia Nervosa    *Bulimia Nervosa    *Eating Disorders    *Eosinophilia Disorders     
                              *Esophageal Cancer *Gastric Cancer   *Gastro Esophageal Reflux (GERD)   *Irritable Bowel Syndrome   *Pulmonary Hypertension     
                              *Small Intestine Cancer  *Stomach Cancer

                                 Pink   *Breast Cancer   *Birth Parents    *Childhood Cancer Awareness (alternate light blue)   *Cleft Palate   *Nursing Mothers

                               Pink and Blue  *Amniotic Fluid Embolism  *Baby Safe Haven  *Birth Defects  *Genital Integrity  *Hyperemesis Gravidurum  *Infant  
                                Loss  *Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness  *Infertility  *Male Breast Cancer   *Miscarriage   *Pregnancy Loss   *Premature  
                                Birth  *Pro-life   *Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)   *Stillbirth   *Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

                                 Pink and Gold   *Phyllodes Tumors

                                 Pink and Teal  *Hereditary Breast Cancer

                                Pink, Purple and Teal    
*Thyroid Cancer

                                  Prism  *Multiple Sclerosis  

                                  Purple and Black  *Paranormal Awareness

                                  Purple and Blue *Rheumatoid Arthritis  *Pediatric Stroke  

                                  Purple and Green   *Hospice and Palliative Care

                                  Purple and Yellow   *Autoimmune Hepatitis  *Chemical Injuries   *Lupus with Endometriosis

                                  Purple with Red Rose   *Cystic Fibrosis

                                  Rainbow  *Gay Pride  *Same Sex marriages

                                Red and Blue  
 * Congenital Heart Defects  (alt. red)  *Congenital Heart disease (alt. red)  * Haiti Recovery and Restoration  *Hypo  
                                Plastic Left Heart Syndrome  *Noonan’s Syndrome  *Pulmonary Fibrosis  *Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)  *UNICEF Fund

                                  Red and Blue with Heart    *Congenital Heart Defects

                                  Red and Gray  *Awareness of Chrystal Meth Addiction

                                 Red and Pearl  * Latex Allergies Awareness

                                 Red and White  *Aplastic Anemia  *Bone Marrow Diseases   *Deep Vein Thrombosis  (DVT)   *Head and Neck Cancer   
                               *Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia  *Oral Cancer   *Osler’s Disease  *MDS   *Squamous  or Basal Cell Carcinoma

                                 Red, White and Blue   *Fireworks Sagfety  *Flag Ribbons  *National Support Ribbons  *Patriotism  *World Trade Center Heroes   
                               *World Trade Center Victims  *9/11 Ribbons

                                 Red, White and Red   *Leukemia Ribbon  *Lymphoma Ribbon  

                              Silver   *Brain Disabilities    *Brain Disorders    *Congenital Cytomegalovirus    *Developmental Learning
                              * Disabled Children    *Dyslexia    *Elderly Abuse Awareness    *Encephalitis    *Neimann-Pick Ribbons
                              *Ovarian Cancers     *Parkinson’s Disease    *Schizophrenia    *Sciatic Pain     *VACTERL    *Young Onset of           
                                Parkinson’s  *  Stroke  *Stalking  

                                 Silver, White, Baby Blue and Pin  *Congenital Hyperinsulinism

                                 Teal  *Agoraphobia  *Anxiety Disorders   *Athsma *Batten Disease  *Cancer Ribbons   *Cervical Cancer  * Dissociative Identity  
                               (DID)  *Ectodermal Dysphasia  *Endometrial Cancer   *Fallopian Cencer  *Food Allergies  *Fragile X  *Interstitial Cystitis (alt. pink)  *
                               Marker X Syndrome   *Martin-Bell Syndrome   *Myastenia Gravis  *Obsessive Compulsive Disorder   *Ovarian Cancer  *Panic Dis
                               order  *Polycistic Kidney Disease(PKD)    *Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  *Postraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  
                               *Progressive Supranuclear Palsy(PSP)  *Rape and Sexual Assault Victims  *Scleroderma Wristband   *Spaying and Neutering Pets  
                                *Stress Disorders   *Substance Abuse Ribbons (alt. red)  *Tsunami Victims  *Tourette Syndrome (TSA) *Uterine Cancer

                                   Teal and Pink  *Hereditary Breast Cancer  *Combined ribbon for Gynechological and Breast Cancers

                                   Teal and Purple  *Domestic Violence  *Cancer Ribbons  *Sexual Assault Ribbons

                                 Teal and White  *Cervical Cancer Ribbons   *Cancer Ribbons

                                 Turquoise  *Addiction Recovery Ribbons   *Cystitis  *Diaphramatic Hernias  *Native American Reparations

                                   Violet  *Hodgkin's Disease  *Testicular Cancer

                                 Violet and Orange  
*Eczema Ribbons *Psoriasis Ribbons

                                    White   *Adoptee    *Adoption   *Alzheimer’s     *Anti-child Pornography   *Anti-pornography   *Anti-war   *Blindness
                                  *Bone Cancer   *Bone Disease   *Carbon Monoxide Poisoning   *Child Exploitation   *Child Sexual Abuse/Assault
                                  *Community Support   *Congenital Cataracts   *Diabetes    *Elderly Affairs   *Free Speech   *Gay Teen Suicide  
                                   Awareness   *Gender Violence Awareness   *Hernias   *Holocaust Remembrance   *Hope and Support
                                   *Hyperglycernia     *Hypoglycemia    *Innocence     *International End of Violence against Women   *Lung Cancer
                                   *Missing Children    *Molestation Survivors   *Multiple Sclerosis    *Online Sexual Predator Awareness   *Opposition to the War     
                                   *Osteoporosis   *Peace    *Post-partum Depression Syndrome    *Poverty Awareness   *Purity
                                   *Retinoblastoma   *Right to Life    *Safe Motherhood      *Salvation Army       *Sexual Assault   *Scoliosis
                                   *Stalking    *Student Sexual Assault     *Survivors   *Teen Pregnancy Prevention  *Victims of Terrorism

                                   White and Navy Pinstripe   *ALS  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis   *Lou Gehrig’s Disease

                                   White, Red and White *Oral Cancer

                                   Yellow and Red   *Hepatitis C Virus *HIV-HCV  *Surviving Family Members of Suicide Victims  *Missing Adults  *Teen Abstinence

                                    Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Aqua and Hot Pink *Myelodysplastic Syndrome

                                    Yellow Pale *Spina Bifida

                                    Yellow (Sunflower)  *Sarcoma

Disclaimer: The inclusion of colors and causes in this list does not necesarily imply an endorsement on our behalf.

    If you wish to incorporate a cause or find a cause that has an alternate color, please email us to include it. We will not  post or recreate hate based
    color ribbons.